Our Team

Rachel Zorger
Director of Early Childhood

Rob and Jill Ross
Interim Light Co. Directors

Melissa Weis
Director of Elementary

Reggie Smith
Interim Salt Co. Director

Missy Brosius
Student Ministry Coordinator

Doug Meyer
Club 45 Teaching Team Coordinator

Ken DeCook
Student Ministry Associate

Barb Hjelm
Gingercare Director

Jeremy Steck
Worship Leader

Bob Coon
Technical Director

Tony Germann
Worship Arts Coordinator

Greg Poissant
Audio Director

Barb Raddatz
Programming Coordinator



Dennis Ostermann
Worship Team Accompaniment



Maggie Greifenkamp
Event Coordinator

Jim Raddatz
Print Manager

Scott Braland
Social Media Coordinator

Pastor Rex Roth
Visitation and Care

Kym Rupp
Finance and Data

Jan Peery
Finance Assistant





Kim May
Women’s Ministry Director

Dock Caton
World Engagement Director





Dan Myers
Facilities Director

 Maureen Ford
Facility Care Asst.

Don Shinsako
Facility Care Asst.