Be a tour guide, not a billboard. Wow, what does that mean? Well, what does the tour guide, you know, if you’ve ever gone out to any resort or gone to any, you know, nice place, you always have someone guiding you to know where the things are, where the restrooms are, where the best places to eat, where you know, the things that you need, where are they? So instead of being pointed, where some places you’ve probably been to, and you’re asking for certain things, they’ll be like, Oh, it’s over there. It’s over there that’s over there. And, you know, this point at, and that’s what a billboard is this. It’s something that just tells you what’s going on.

But the tour guide actually guides you and walks with you and says, Hey, let me show you what the bathroom is. Oh, let me show you where this is. Let me show you what that is. This is the idea behind being a tour guide. And not a billboard is about. On Sunday morning at Ginger Creek. We should all be tour guides. If we meet someone new, we should walk them around. As they are, they are our best friends. Or maybe our mom or a dad or sibling, where we want to show them what’s going on. Hey, here’s the restroom. Here’s the kid’s area. Here’s the gathering, we got coffee and goodies in here, hey, this is guest services. This way you can ask questions. This the auditorium, hey, you got kids, let me show them where they go. That’s the idea of a tour guide where you’re actually walking people to the places and we have to think of a new person or guest that walks through the doors. They don’t know where anything is they don’t know where the restroom is.

They don’t know where they have kids where to check their kids in. But they’re coming because they were invited by someone or they saw something online, like maybe watching the service on Facebook. And they’re like, hey, we want to check this out. So what we did is we invited them to come to the building. And now, let’s do our best to guide them so that they have a wonderful experience. I was talking with someone Joanne the other day who was a new person. She said she had an excellent experience at Ginger Creek, she felt welcome. She was she was told Hello several times, she was guided to where the coffee was. And those those are the responses that we get from people when they have a great experience when they don’t get have a great experience. Guess what we hear? You right? We don’t hear anything. And then we don’t hear from them again.

And you know, by the time what’s going on. weeks gone by and they haven’t even shown back up or responded to any of our emails or texts if we if we did receive them. So be tour guide, be an example to someone by showing them exactly what’s going on and and take it back to how you felt when you came to Ginger Creek. Maybe you came to Ginger Creek and you had that experience where someone was very welcoming. They walked you through the place. Maybe they they remembered you the next week and said hey, how are you? And that felt really good or or maybe your like the person who didn’t receive anything didn’t receive a hello didn’t receive a welcome. And you just felt like man, I wish I wish I was seen. However you are thinking right now whether you are someone who wish they were seen, or someone who knew man, this was a great experience. That’s what we want to bring to people and experience so that they can remember not the negative side not the man, I wish they knew my name. But the experience that they knew me.

They showed me everywhere to go. And at least that portion of the experience is going to be a highlight for them. And what we’re hoping is that as they walk into the doors and listen to the message and worship and sing song , that of the Spirit of God works in them and start ripping away anything else that is holding them back from having a relationship with God.
Let us start that process by making it a such an a welcoming environment that they can’t hold back when the Spirit of God begins to lead them.