God's Gym

Invest a couple hours a week and change a kid’s life forever . . .
God’s Gym
Invest a couple hours a week and change a kid’s life forever. . . .
Did you ever think that hanging out with a group of young men, playing basketball and eating pizza would be a tremendous opportunity to change their lives for God’s glory?
God’s Gym meets Monday nights, 6-8 PM, at the Harkness Center, 325 East Downer Place in Aurora. 
God’s Gym is a great way to hang out with some middle school and high school guys, get to know them, and offer to help walk with them in their issues just as Christ does with us. These young men each have their own story and struggles (just as we did at their age) and could use some help to successfully navigate through those struggles (just as we needed). We play basketball, eat pizza, and share the gospel. A simple way to do something profound in the lives of young men growing up in this dark world.
Consider taking the next step. Become a God’s Gym Mentor. 
  • Mentors must be over 18 years old and are asked to make a two-year commitment to mentoring.
  • One training session
  • Meeting with your mentee at least twice per month
  • Coordinating fun, relational building and learning activities for mentee
  • Covering any expenses of your monthly meetings
  • Praying for your mentee and mentee’s family
  • Communicating with family about student’s needs and issues