So I get this question all the time, how to use Planning Center? And if you’re not familiar with Planning Center, our scheduling service is the software we use to schedule our teams. On Sunday, our worship team uses the same system. Our children’s ministry uses the same system. Our student ministries mean. It’s a church-wide software that allows every ministry to schedule teams. And so we’ve been using this program or software for years. I mean, I’ve been at Ginger Creek for almost 11 years, and I think I’ve been using it since I show up, showing up. So and I’ve been using this for decades beforehand. So this is not anything new.

But if you’ve been serving on the team recently, you may be receiving this. And so I get that question, how do I use it? And so this is what I actually do. Typically, I could create something or send you to a website to show you how to use it because there are a lot of websites on how to use this. The best way to do this is for you to ask somebody on the team that I know you. Everybody’s going to come running to me, and I appreciate that. But I feel like, you know, somebody who knows how to use Planning Center. Please ask them the person that you serve with on Sunday. You say, hey, have you used the Planning Center app or the website can you show me, and then they can show you how they use it.

Now it comes to a big picture. Maybe you’re having system issues or maybe you can’t log into it. That’s something else and that’s I can help you with that. But if it’s just a simple way of how to use this or how to download the app on your phone, that’s a simple way to just ask somebody that you serve with. How do you use Planning Center?

Because everybody has a smartphone, I would say about 99% of the people I’m talking to right now have a smartphone, and you can download the Planning Center app and figure it out mostly yourself, but then you can ask someone else on your team to say, Hey, can you give me a little bit more pointers? You know what? What do I do? How do I accept or anything like that?

So that’s the question that I’ve always been asked in my response to you is to ask somebody on the team, and I’m sure someone that you talk to, the circle, you talk. Now, if you are talking to everybody in your circle, and find that someone in your circle who doesn’t know and you how to use Planning Center. Maybe you just feel like you don’t need it or you don’t want to use it, or I’ll figure it out later. Look, Conrad, he’s been serving at Ginger Creek for decades, and if you’ve ever seen that Conrad Carter is 86, 86 years old. He uses Planning Center. He tells us whether he accepted or declined, whether he’s coming or not. And even what he’ll end up doing, he’ll also just reply to an email, Hey, yes, I’ll be there, or no, I won’t.

And so, I encourage you to learn how to use Planning Center, and it will save us as a team so much time when we know who we can count on to serve on that Sunday.

If you have any questions please reach out to me.