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Everyone prays, no matter if they believe in God or not. But have you ever wondered why prayers aren’t being answered? The answer may surprise you.

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Living The Dream


Moses is a leader we see in the Bible whose story we all know. But did you know that he would have been a comfortable shepherd if God didn’t intervene in his life? Let’s explore what God did to change the heart of Moses so that he would someday be the leader we know today.

The Struggle Is Real

Mental health struggles are very real, and they are all around us, and God sees them. And God has a plan for everyone struggling, and we need to cultivate compassion inside the Church. We need to acknowledge that these are everyday human struggles. We need to learn to bear one another’s burdens and create safe spaces where people can remember to follow God and be honest about what’s going on.

Celebrate Your Status

Christ has taught us to celebrate in this season of life. Whether you are married or single, be fulfilled in the Love of Christ. Renew you’re vows, dedicate your children, or celebrate being single.


Better Words To Live By. Sometimes we latch on to the wrong things or the wrong words, negatively affecting our attitude. What should our focus be on to live a better life?

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Each week we hear stories of life-change that can only happen because of God. Hear what people are saying when they experience God, Breakthrough, and Calling.

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