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Better Rhythm, Better Life

We want to live without limitations, but Jesus says growth comes from self-denial- so what do we deny?

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Giant Steps

When it comes to the challenges in your life, what do you do? How do you move through the most challenging circumstances in your life?

The Fix For Foolish Fights

This is a study through the book of Ephesians. The point is that we all get caught up in these foolish fights. On average, the family spends about 50 minutes a day in minor disputes about chores, what we will eat, who did what, or what they think you may have said or heard. That’s about 300 hours a year!! Can you imagine that? Learn what we need to do to fix our foolish ways.

GC Stories

Each week we hear stories of life-change that can only happen because of God. Hear what people are saying when they experience God, Breakthrough, and Calling.

Life-Changing Things God Says About You

This study is through the book of 1 John. John’s main point that he wants to get across is love, especially about how much God loves us. He wants to make a massive point that we should love one another. Here is the main point: God is a banner carrier over us, and the banner he is carrying is love.

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