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Better Words TO Live By

Sometimes we latch on to the wrong things or the wrong words, negatively affecting our attitude. What should our focus be on to live a better life?

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A Weary World Rejoices

How does the gospel respond to the weariness that our culture is feeling today? What does it mean to have joy in this Christmas season?

Compassion w/o Borders

What does it look like if our love for others did not have any limits? What if we seek God’s direction for our lives? What would our city and world look like? When we have passion for God, we have compassion for others


We want to live without limitations, but Jesus says growth comes from self-denial- so what do we deny?

GC Stories

Each week we hear stories of life-change that can only happen because of God. Hear what people are saying when they experience God, Breakthrough, and Calling.

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