Building For The Future

Seeds 2018


At Ginger Creek we focus our ministry right where God wants us – in The Church, The City and The Nations. That’s what Seeds 2018 is all about – providing the resources to meet the needs of our family, our community and those in distant lands. Just as God directed.

THe CHurCH – This means investing to equip our members to do His work. This encompasses everything from funding our Children’s Ministry to Adult Leadership Development. It also means keeping our physical building in good repair and an attractive and God honoring place for those seeking God’s word.

THe CiTy – Passion for God naturally leads us to want to show our compassion for those around us. Many of our members volunteer in organizations throughout Aurora – Hesed House, Triple Threat, God’s Gym, and many others. We also help fund organizations like Emmanuel House and last year began an exciting initiative to build a storehouse on our property. This storehouse will be completed in 2018 and will allow us to help meet the needs of the under resourced right here in our backyard!

THe NaTioNs – In 2009, God led Ginger Creek to the small village of Pochocuape, Nicaragua and then to the Managua City Dump to help raise up the people of La Chureca. We partnered to build a school and a church for these forgotten people. But God’s work there is not done – He has now opened new doors of ministry and is inviting us to join our partners in this new opportunity!

The 2018 Ginger Creek Seeds Campaign is looking to raise a minimum of $250,000 (with a stretch goal of $300,000). Be a part of Building For the Future of The Church, The City and The Nations!