For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. — Matthew 25:35

Our annual Seeds campaign allows us to reflect on God’s blessings in our lives and gives us an opportunity to respond with a financial offering. The money raised in Seeds will be utilized to support the vital ministries at Ginger Creek while focusing on key initiatives outside our 4 walls. This year, we will support our ministry partners in Nicaragua.

Did you know this is our 10 year anniversary for our involvement in Nicaragua? It’s true! Since our scouting trip in 2008, Ginger Creek has sent more than 350 people on mission trips to provide food, construction, evangelism and leadership training. Over the years, we have donated over $400,000 to care for children and orphans and help to alleviate poverty in this desolate country.

Ginger Creek is passionate about our role to obey God and serve the people that need it most.

For our 10th anniversary, we want to do something meaningful in Nicaragua. After talking to our ministry partners in Pochocuape, Guadalupe and Las Mariitas, God’s direction became clear. Each community desperately needs a structure to feed children and tell people about God’s amazing grace. With your help, we will build a multi-purpose, open air pavilion in each city to accomplish this goal.

Because of the political unrest that has rocked Nicaragua since April, the physical needs there have grown significantly. Nearly 30% of the people live below the poverty line as unemployment skyrockets. This makes it even more difficult for parents to feed and support their families. It’s heartbreaking.

Your Seeds donation will allow us to construct these pavilions so thousands of desperate people can have their physical and spiritual needs met. Imagine the satisfaction of being part of this God inspired vision!

In addition to the pavilions, we will also allocate some of the money to purchase food for an immediate impact. Over the years, Ginger Creek has partnered with Feed My Starving Children and other ministries to address this need.

Simply put, we need your help. Let’s raise $250,000 to accomplish these goals. God has blessed us abundantly, so we should give back to make a difference at Ginger Creek and around the world.

God loves a cheerful giver.