“go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you” Mark 5:19 (NLT)

Seeds 2020 – Bring It Home

Bringing the good news about God home is the most important thing we can do for the most important people in our lives. In Mark 5 Jesus heals a man who has oppressed and tormented his entire life. The man asked to go with Jesus after the healing and Jesus said no. It was more important to tell his family and friends how God had set him free than to follow Jesus as he taught. We’re left with this truth: there is nothing more important than bringing the gospel home.

At the end of each year we pause for a time of personal renewal called SEEDS. We recallthat the seed of the gospel was planted in our lives by people who sacrificed for us; they brought the gospel home to us. We recountthe seeds of the gospel we have been planting in others lives and how we’ve had a part in bringing the gospel home to them. We reconnectto the mission of planting seeds of the gospel in the coming season of our lives so that we can bring it home to more people and see their lives changed as they experienceGod, breakthrough, and calling.

Our church has the opportunity to increase our impact. We have open doors to bring the gospel home to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Guadalajara, Puerto Rico, and more deeply into our own home here in Aurora. It’s causing allof usto think about what our lives are really about and evaluate our level of generosity with the resources God entrusted to us. Each of us should review the powerful spiritual principles of generosity and how a Christian can live a countercultural life in this world.

Consider the last season of your life:

  • Recall your Sower: Who planted the seed of the gospel in your life?
  • Recount your Investment: Where have you sown seeds of the gospel?
  • Reconnect to the Mission: What has excited you about the church’s mission?

Consider the current season of your life:

  • Evaluate your Purpose: What is life really about?
  • Review your Principles: What do you value?
  • Consider your Pattern: Do your resources reflect your purpose & principles?

Consider the next season of your life:

  • Reaffirm your Commitment to the Mission: Will you spread the gospel?
  • Restate your Pledge to Faith-Based Giving: Will you give generously?
  • Renew your Heart for a Gospel-Centered Home: Will you bring it home?


Pray. Pledge. Give. Bring It Home 2020!