Front lawn Part One - Weed and level

Front lawn Part One – Weed and level

Today we went to Ms. Elizabeth’s house to work inside and outside.  Ms. Elizabeth is a lovely and hospitable lady who was so, so thankful for help today.  She’s had many health struggles in recent years and hasn’t been able to tend to many areas of her home the way she’d like to.  It’s pretty humbling to hear someone say that you are an answer to their prayers for help.

We had one group that worked outside – weeding and leveling an area of the front lawn, chopping down shrubs, and other cleaning jobs.  It was a HOT day which made it pretty challenging to work outside. Our other group worked inside to CLEAN part of the house to prep it to be painted and to lay vinyl flooring.  Washing windows, cleaning walls, cabinets, floors!  Ms. Elizabeth is hoping to rent out this part of the house to have as a source of income.  These kids worked so hard today – they were so focused on serving well and working together to accomplish the task at hand.

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Tonight, during the evening message, we were challenged to consider how God wants us to live differently and were reminded that living for God is a choice we make daily.  I’d say, today, these kids chose to live for God and serve Him wholeheartedly.

We are looking forward to going back to Ms. Elizabeth’s house tomorrow to finish our projects and to do the work that God wants us to do.  As one of our students prayed today, “We have plans to serve You, but show us Your plans, because they are the best plans and we want to do the work You want us to do.”  Amen.

Time for bed!

Will write more tomorrow.

With heartfelt gratitude for your faithful prayers,