IMG_9277We returned to Ms. Elizabeth’s house today to try to finish some projects.  The kitchen painting project was a success thanks to expert painting tips from Andy!  Some of us returned to the stump removal project at the front of the yard and were able to remove most of them – but these shrubs were deeply rooted and quite stubborn about being pulled out!  Eric returned to the landscape project today, only to be stopped in his tracks by the rain – that was a disappointment to not be able to finish that bit of work before we left.  But the buckets of rain created lots of squishy mud and it just wasn’t meant to be.  The kids circled up to pray over the the work they’d done, for God to bring the right tenants to rent this part of Ms. Elizabeth’s house, for God to bless whoever moves in, for God to bless and help Ms. Elizabeth.  Their loving and heartfelt prayers were so inspiring and encouraging!  Before leaving, we gathered around Elizabeth and prayed for her – her abundant gratitude was so meaningful to all of us.

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In our evening session, we talked about leading differently – one of the main take-aways was to consider what work/changes God wants to do IN us to prepare us for Him to work THROUGH us.  We spent time thinking about Peter and how different his leadership looked once Jesus had control of Peter’s heart.  The closing statement of the evening was that “God can be great through me when He is great IN me.”  We are all considering what changes God wants us to make so we can become faithful leaders for Him.

On another note, we sure are having a lot of fun just being together.   I have laughed more in these past few days than I have in the past 3 months combined!   We’re playing the license plate game and we’ve seen license plates from all but 11 states.  You wouldn’t believe what we act like when we find a new one 😉  We saw a double rainbow today, which was just a cool treat!  It’s so satisfying to be with kids when they don’t have technology – they are playing a bunch of different card games together and seem to be having a great time.  We’ve noticed some peculiar names on business signs.  My favorite is “Fat Juicy Taco”.  There is a restaurant named “Fat Juicy Taco”?!  Yes, yes, there is.   Silly fun and great memories!


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Needless to say, it’s time for bed 😉

We have a big treat in store for us tomorrow.  I’m going to wait until blog-time to tell you all about it, but we can’t wait!

Keep praying – it blesses us to know that you are all praying for us!