We started the day with a devotional theme of “Different God” and read verses in Exodus 3 where God reveals himself to Moses as “I AM”.  Knowing that God is with us is certainly encouraging and empowering!  What an excellent way to focus our minds and set our hearts before going out to serve.


We went to Lipscomb Elementary to help them make preparations for the school year – which starts on August 5th!!!!  It’s been nice working with another team from Arlington Heights this week – friends make work more fun!  We worked outside in the Tennessee heat, weeding, chopping down bushes and cleaning up around the school yard to help make the grounds look nice.  Everyone gave it their best and it was rewarding to have a strong finish to our week of serving!

IMG_9349 IMG_9353 IMG_9357 IMG_9476 IMG_9477 IMG_9482 IMG_9363 IMG_9480IMG_9355 IMG_9486

It was extra sweet to cool down with frosty treats from Sonic
after a long, hot day of work 🙂


During the evening session, we thought about which people in our lives encourage us and who we encourage – it’s important to be intentional about cultivating encouraging relationships in our lives.   It’s clear that the kids are growing in their understanding of and relationship with God and I pray it will translate into all of their other relationships.  I am excited to see how these 5 kids will impact our student ministry upon their return home!

Tomorrow we’ll have some more devotional and teaching time around the “Live Differently” theme and spend time digging into specific ways to bring what we’ve learned back home and put it into practice.  Then, we’ll head out for our “free” day.  We’ll see what adventures tomorrow brings – will post about that tomorrow night!