During our last devotional time, we talked about going home.  We spent time thinking back over the week and journaling about what God did through us, what God did in us, and what changes need to be made when we get home.  We also journaled about what our “next missions” are in our families, with our friends, and in our church/youth group.  These kids are coming home with journals packed with memories of how they experienced God and how God is moving them to live differently when they return home!

After lunch, we headed out for our free day.  Although the heat index was 105, the kids still wanted to go on the hike today.  The trail was plenty shaded, but the heat still reigned supreme.  We saw an owl, some deer, and wild turkeys which was pretty cool!

IMG_9511 IMG_9520

Since we’re down here in TN, it only seemed right that we should get some BBQ.  We went to dinner at Martin’s BBQ and then we went to the Opryland Mills mall to look for some souvenirs and get dessert.

IMG_9541 IMG_9550


Then back to the pool to cool off a bit!  Whew, it was a long, fun day.


Time for bed so we can hit the road early – we can’t wait to see our families tomorrow!