So the importance of accepting and declining really starts with our scheduling system. Every month our friend, Lilly Sullivan, puts our names in the scheduling system (PLANNING CENTER) and sends an invitation asking us to serve. For most of us, we are already in a plan. You have spoken to Lilly or me and are on once a month or every other week. Then she puts that in the schedule and sends an email you receive on your phone or computer that says you’ve been scheduled for this day. Please accept or decline.

When you accept or decline, we know that the leadership of the Welcome Team that week knows who will show up so that we can plan accordingly. If we’re going to be three people short, or maybe here we have a whole house, that’s awesome. We don’t know that for the most part until everyone shows up to serve. So this is why it’s an essential piece of accepting the decline.

If you receive an email, please hit accept or decline and let us know ahead of time (that you can serve) so we can plan accordingly. When you Decline for whatever reason, maybe you are on vacation, or perhaps you know you’re not coming to church that day. Then we can find a replacement for you.

If you’re not receiving emails with a scheduling update, please respond to me and let me know so that we can figure this out. Maybe we have the wrong email address, or perhaps it’s going to your junk mail. We can figure that out together, but the importance of accepting and declining makes a huge deal as the leader so that we can be prepared to know who is going to come and serve.

This is what I want you to be starting doing this week. When you receive an email from Lilly or me saying you’re on schedule, hit accept or the decline button. That would help us tremendously!

Lilly or I will send an email in the middle of the month or at the end of the month letting you know for the next month that you’re gonna be serving so we all know 3 to 4 weeks in advance when we’re going to serve. And if you are a scheduling person like I am, then you can look at your calendar and say, either I’m not gonna be here that weekend or I can serve that weekend. Then if you can’t serve, then maybe you can suggest a different day, so respond to that email. This would help us so much, accept or decline an invitation to serve. That would be the first thing to do every single time you receive an email.

If you have any questions, please let me know.