The World Engagement Team is a diverse group of GC men and women of varying ages, cultural backgrounds and life experiences who experience together a Passion for God and Compassion for People based on the Great Commandment and Great Commission (Mark 12:29-31; Matthew 28:18-20). We seek to advance God´s Mission across cultural borders and among the most necessitated. We believe that an integral faith in God and a Christian worldview transforms broken lives, relationships, communities and countries from surviving to thriving.

Puerto Rico 2020

2019 Update – from Group Mission Trips, Puerto Rico

Did you know… 30,000 households are still living under blue tarps

Today marks two years since the surge of Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. An estimated 30,000 households still take cover under tarps instead of permanent roofs    (AP Reporter, Danica Coto). 

Following the destruction, many organizations and individuals quickly responded with aid and resources. Yet, just as quickly as the news and media moved on to the next national disaster, the hardship in the long months and years that followed was easily forgotten. A long road of recovery stretches ahead, and the severity of need has escaped the minds of most.

World Engagement Team

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OUR PASSION — to learn and serve across cultural boundaries by experiencing together how integral faith in God and a biblical worldview transforms broken lives, relationships, communities and countries.


In 2008, Ginger Creekers prayed for God to teach them to become more passionate in loving Him and compassionate in serving others across borders. GC´s involvement with Feed My Starving Children, an organization that distributes food to the poor and malnourished of the world, led us to ¨follow the food ̈ to see where it went and how it was used. We followed it to Managua, Nicaragua, and met local church leaders where some of the food ended up. This was the beginning of a long-term partnership with two pastors, Maria and Jorge, who also shared God’s concern for the hungry (both physical and spiritual). The partnership lasts to this day.

In 2016, through Food for the Hungry, GC began sponsoring 26 children in Las Mariítas, one of the poorest of the poor villages in Nicaragua. Similar to our Managua partnerships, this initiative is a long-term investment in development toward sustainability and thriving instead of just surviving. We look forward to 2023, when we will celebrate with Las Mariítas the village´s ¨Graduation¨ from the FH development programs, leaving them as a totally sustainable village in all aspects – educationally, economically, agriculturally and spiritually.


Jorge & Mónica

Ginger Creek Community Church partners in Nicaragua (María, Jorge and Mónica) are eager this year to share with other Nicaraguans how God has been transforming their own poverty-stricken communities and instilling God-honoring self-worth and dignity as the community slowly develops. They want to share how they are learning to daily take steps to rise above poverty and hunger–how to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE–how God is satisfying physical needs while providing ¨food ¨for the soul.